Our Mission.

Like it says. We connect the best with the brightest.

If you’re a best of breed manufacturer or a disruptive startup, we will find you the brightest sales partner.

If you’re an established distributor or reseller, we will find you the products and services you need to stay ahead of the competition.

The Difference We Make.

Many ‘sourcing experts’ are actually just a front for exporters. The exporters buy from manufacturers and add a margin. Then importers buy from the exporters, and add a margin. The importer may sell to a master distributor, which adds a margin. And so it goes on. The longer the chain, the more margins are added and the end cost of the product or service rises. We are in the business of creating win/wins.
— Rony Grynholc 'Founder of Technology Sourcing'

At Technology Sourcing, we try to minimise the length of the chain, and by doing that, keep the price of the product or service low enough to be truly disruptive in its sector or channel.

Disruptive Pricing.

What does that mean in practice? Well, let’s say we discover or are approached by an excellent manufacturer who needs an exclusive distributor in a territory in which they are badly represented, or not present at all.  We’re a bit like a marriage broker. We find possible partners for the manufacturer. We vet the partners discreetly and thoroughly, and if we’re satisfied they’re the right match,  we make the introduction, help them tie the knot, and then, if they wish, help them maintain their ongoing relationship by staying as involved as they both want us to be. That might mean handling all the supply chain issues for them, from factory to warehouse, or simply being there for them as a knowledgeable and friendly advisor, if the going gets tough.

Comprehensive Network.

Technology Sourcing have a comprehensive network of manufacturers and channel partners that can help squeeze costs out of the supply chain. With offices in Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Warsaw, and close knowledge and contact with hundreds of factories, we are able to help build profitable brands by sourcing the best products while minimizing costs.

Tailored Solutions.

Our solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

As a leading provider of value-added design, procurement, quality control and logistics services, we offer our partners custom-made solutions to meet real client needs.

Proactive Quality Control.

We’re proactive so you can focus on other things.

If you want us to manage your supply chain, from factory to warehouse , we will do just that, 24/7/365, keeping you informed but not overloading you with unnecessary detail. Our quality control experience is second to none. We have built systems over two decades to help us to identify and rectify issues before they even arise. 

The Bottom Line.

At Technology Sourcing, our aim  is to give our clients supply chain solutions that have a measurable impact where it matters most, at the bottom line.  In all that we do, we strive to help our partners increase revenue and reduce costs.

Product Sectors.


You’d be surprised what we can source…

Over three decades, in no particular order, we’ve gained experience in the following sectors, but don’t let this restrict your imagination, challenge us!

Telecoms | Mobile | Cellular | Solar Energy | Wind Energy | Biomass | Battery Storage | CCTV | Artificial Intelligence | Medical | LED Lighting | First Response | Cloud Computing | Security | Desalination | and many more…

Circular Economy.

Most recently, we find we are commonly asked to find products and services that embrace the circular economy. We therefore focus on renewable, reusable, non-toxic materials and energy. We also try to use factories that can maintain, repair and upgrade products to maximise their lifetime or even give them a second life through take back strategies.

Global Reach.

Our reach is global…

But we focus on two main sources of product and service. South East Asia for established suppliers, and Israel for disruptive start-ups.

China and more…

South East Asia. A never ending supply of new manufacturers. The problem is, how do you tell the good from the bad? In most technology sectors, many factories make similar looking products, but the price/value relationship can vary enormously. We have a permanent Hong Kong office, and a highly experienced multilingual sourcing team who know where to go and what key questions to ask.

Start-Up Nation…

With good reason, the state of Israel has become known in recent years as Start-Up nation. Centred on Tel Aviv, where we have our office, the pace of technological innovation is almost frightening.

Innovation Ecosystem.

What sets the Israeli entrepreneur apart, in terms of thought, creativity and innovation? Contrary to popular misconception, the Israeli entrepreneur is usually 30+ years old and studied at university. S/he has founded at least one company, and experienced working at a large company prior to doing so.

The Israeli entrepreneur is indeed special. A product of their unique environment, they tend to think out of the box more often than not. When presented with a job description, they look beyond the framework of what it is supposed to be, and go above and beyond that to take the position to the next level. Israeli employees demonstrate star quality on a regular basis, embracing responsibility, taking risks, and never being afraid of failure.

The Israeli innovation ecosystem has given rise to a unique environment, within which the Israeli entrepreneur flourishes and thrives. Taking complexity and difficulty, and using them as a catalyst for ingenuity and innovation, the Israeli entrepreneur demonstrates how s/he perseveres in the face of adversity, and uses failure as motivational tool rather than an obstacle.

There is a special brand of Israeli chutzpah which is a large part of the fuel that motivates and inspires the Israeli entrepreneur to think out of the box, and address issues that would, under different circumstances, fly beneath the radar. It’s also a highly positive influence, that allows the Israeli entrepreneur to properly comprehend corporate culture and function well within its parameters, as well as to be open to constructive criticism, and of course, to give as good as they get.

Case Studies.

Here are just two examples of Israeli start-ups we have worked with in recent years. Both are now having huge global success. We are proud to have played a part in that.

  1. Stemrad have worked with NASA to create AstroRad, a shielding system to protect astronauts beyond low earth orbit into deep space…

AstroRad by StemRad

AstroRad by StemRad


 2. AnyVision are changing global attitudes to facial and object recognition, and in doing so, are making artificial intelligence available to the world, and a force for good.

Better Tomorrow by AnyVision

Better Tomorrow by AnyVision


And here is an example of an Anglo-Chinese-Japanese joint venture, on a mission to disrupt the heat pump sector. We are assisting…

3. Heat-Hunter™ manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of commercial and domestic ground, air and water source heat pumps, providing cheap renewable energy for a wide variety of end-users.

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